What is Jeju cosmetics certification?

UNESCO 'the seven world natural heritage' which keeps clean water, air and ancient mystery Jeju has been

preserved because it has exceptional value of the raw materials of special land, sea plants with volcanic lava sea, subtropical climate from the past.

These excellent natural ingredients in Jeju have been created to have the value of Cosmetic Cert as a healthy beauty and the fact that Jeju cosmetics are safe.

The system of Jeju cosmetics certification will be the driving force to strengthen the competitiveness of Jeju cosmetics and increase the value of Jeju Special cosmetic only.

Why is Jeju cosmetics certification?

Recently, the production produced in other

region's production facilities is being used as a

marketing image of Jeju Island so that

we need to strengthen the brand image of

"Jeju" through the certification of Jeju cosmetic.

In the growing market of natural cosmetics,

Jeju cosmetics certification is mandatory

not optional in order to build a leading image and

for public recycling of Jeju brand.

Who is for the system of Jeju cosmetics certification?

Anyone can apply for Jeju cosmetics certification if the raw material of sales product is made by more than 10% of raw meterials from jeju